About Us

Alo[ha] Creations LLC is a family-run business on the island of Maui. Using our mother Rochelle’s classic recipe, we handcraft our cookies leaving each with a slightly unique shape. Each cookie has its own character while maintaining our standard of excellence. We believe our genuine care and passion can create a lasting impression with every cookie.

Our goal at Alo[ha] Creations LLC for the years 2018-19 is to expand our business by building a certified kitchen.

This expansion will also open the possibilities to help other organizations. Currently we support Made In Hope©, which is a non-profit organization, and a small village in Uganda called Bujjuuko Mbazi.

Made In Hope© empowers women and children who have been rescued from the global sex trade (sex trafficking). The company aims to break the cycle of exploitation and secure freedom by providing education, sustainable livelihood opportunities, and care in the healing process.

Bujjuuko Mbazi is a small village in Uganda. Alo[ha] Creations, through the help of a Ugandan local, Father Leonard Ssempijja, is able to assist the youth in the orphanages and people of Bujjuuko Mbazi.